Farm Produce 

 Livestock: available on limited and seasonal basis, if interested please inquire

German angoras Rabbits and some hybrid 91% and higher

Angora Goats

Boar Goats

Lamancha Dairy Goats,

Florida White Rabbits, and New Zealand Rabbits

Sheep various breeds mostly Rambouillet and crosses of those, recent additions wensleydale and teeswater & blue face leisters and combinations of those, breeding stock, and delivery of lambs or goat kids to custom processor of fiber events.

Komondor Pureness cross livestock guardian dog puppies

Fiber & related: Most of these are seen at fiber events, Fiber from angora rabbits, angora goats and all the sheep: Raw fleece, prepared fiber, roving, washed fleece, hand dyed fiber , roving and yarn, handspun & mill spun yarns, some finished articles

100% natural wool comfortors the absoult best comfort for sleep that there is on the planet! makeablein all sizes, in winter weight, plain or printed covers or provide your own tops limited availablity each year

Herbs & Blends cultivated and wildcrafted and when available fresh/ undried, we craft various blend and tintures

Medicinal Herb plants very wide selection but usally very limited and sesonal availablity

Eggs Chicken, duck, quail

Raw Goat Milk preordered for delivery at market

Meat processed kid goat and lamb cuts avaialabe on limited basis leg of , shanks, ground, stew meat, liver