Culinary and Medicinal Herbs & Spices

We have in stock a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs and spices at our Soulard Market Stand #88 inside the brick part nearest corner of 7th and Julia, in St Louis Missouri. http://soulardmarketstl.com/

We hope to help expand knowledge and availability of medicinal and culinary Herbs and spices. below is a list as of 1-13 of what we have available, we do take requests as well.


Allspice Whole, Powder

Anise Seed Whole, Powder

Apple pie spice

Bell Pepper diced/dried

Caraway Seed Whole

Cayenne Powder

Celery seed powder, Celery Seed Whole, Celery Salt

Cheddar Cheese Powder

Chili Powder Mild, organic, Medium & Hot

Cinnamon Powder

Citric Acid

Clove Whole, Powder

Coriander Seed Whole

Cream of tartar

Crushed Red Pepper

Cumin Seed Whole, Powder

Epazote herb c/s

Fennel Seed Whole, Roasted Whole

Fenugreek Whole, Powder

Galangal root pwd

Garlic Granules, Minced

Ginger Root c/s, Powder

Gumbo File Powder

Hormel Low Sodium Beef Broth

Hormel Low Sodium Chicken Broth

Lemon Peel c/s

Lemongrass c/s

Marjoram c/s

Basil c/s

Mustard Seed Brown Whole

Mustard Seed Yellow Whole, Powder

Nutmeg Whole

Onion Chopped, Granules

Orange peel small cut

Paprika Powder Hungary & Smoked

Peppercorn Black Whole, Fine, 24mesh

Peppercorn Deluxe Mix Whole

Pepper White Whole, Fine

Poppy Seed Whole

Saffron Spanish

Sesame Seed Whole, Sesame Seed Black Whole

Star Anise whole

Turmeric Root Powder

Vanilla Bean Whole


Alfalfa Herb c/s

Ashwagandha pwd

Basil Leaf c/s

Bay Leaf Whole

Bilberry Fruit whole

Boneset herb c/s

Calendula/Marigold Flower Whole

Chamomile Flower  Whole

Chaparral Leaf Powder

Chervil c/s

Chickweed c/s

Cilantro c/s

Comfrey Leaf c/s Root c/s

Coptis Rhizome Sliced

Dandelion Leaf c/s Root c/s

Devil’s claw root c/s

Dill Weed c/s & Seed Whole

Echinacea Ang Root Powder

Elecampane flowers

Elderberry Whole

Eucalyptus leaf c/s

Gentian Root c/s

Ginkgo leaf c/s

Gotu Kola c/s

Hawthon leaf & flower & berry whole

Hibiscus Flower c/s

Holy basil

Hyssop herb c/s

Juniper berry Blue Whole

Kudzu Root Slices

Lavender Flower

Lemon balm c/s

Lemon Verbena leaf whole

Licorice root c/s

Linden Leaf & Flower c/s

Maca root powder

Marigold / Calendula Flower Whole

Marshmallow Root c/s

Milk thistle seed whole

Mistletoe leaf c/s

Mullein Leaf c/s

Nettle Leaf c/s

Olive Leaf Whole

Oregano greek c/s

Oregon grape Root c/s wildcrafted

Osha Root Whole w/c

Parsley Leaf c/s

Passion Flower herb c/s

Peppermint Leaf c/s

Pipsissewa herb c/s wildcrafted

Plantain Leaf  c/s

Psyllium Seed Husk Whole, Powder

Raspberry Leaf c/s

Red Clover leaf & flower c/s

Rosemary Whole

Sage Rubbed, whole

Sage White Whole

Sarsaparilla root c/s

Schizandra Berry Whole

Spearmint Leaf c/s

Tarragon c/s

Thyme Leaf c/s


Uva ursi leaf whole

White Oak bark Powder

Wild Cherry Bark c/s

Wild Yan Root c/s

Yarrow Flower c/s

Yellowdock Root Powder

Yerba Mansa Root Whole

Yerba santa leaf whole

Spice & Herb Blends

Adobo Seasoning

Alfredo Sauce mix

Bacon Ranch Dressing & Dip Mix

Black bean dip mix

Chili Powder

Cucumber Dill Dip Mix

Cajun Spice Blend

Curry Powder

Dill Dip

Fines Herbs

French Onion Dip Mix

Garam Masala Powder & Whole

Garlic & Herb seasoning

Garlic Pepper

Green Seasoning

Guacamole dip mix natural

Herbs de provence

Honey Mustard Powder

Nacho popcorn seasoning

Italian Dressing Mix

Italian Seasoning

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Lemon Pepper Blend

Medium Salsa Mix

Mild Salsa Mix

Nacho Cheese Dip Mix

No Salt Substitute (like Mrs Dash)

Pasta & Pizza Topper

Perfect Pepper Mix

Pickling Spice Mix

Poultry Seasoning

Ranch Dressing Mix

Salad topper

Seasoning Salt

Sloppy Joe Mix

Southwest Dip Mix

Spaghetti seasoning

Spinach Dip Mix

Steak rub

Stir Fry Seasoning

Strawberry Dip Mix

Taco Seasoning

 Super food & Smoothy Stuffs

Barley Grass Extract Powder

Spirulina Powder

Wheat grass Powder

Hemp pro 50 protein pwd

Maca green supreme

Teas & Tea Blends

Alfalfa Mint

Avena Drem

Black Tea China

Ceylon Tea

Chai Tea

Chamomint Tea

Chicory Root Roasted

Cold & Flu Brew

Eight Herb Tea

English Breakfast Tea

Feeling Good Flower tea

Get Smart Tea

Gunpowder Green tea

Green Tea China

Green Tea Young Hyson

Herbal Chocolate Chai

Hibiscus mint tea

Irish Breakfast Blend

Love Your Life Tea

Mama To Be Tea

Moroccan mint tea

Oolong Tea

Orange Spice Cinnamon Tea

Pu-erh tea

Raspberry Fruit tea

Relax & Digest tea


Rooibos Bourbon

Rooibos Chai Masala

Sassafras Root Bark c/s

Women’s brew

Winter Blend

Yerba Mate Green c/s

Yogi Tea


Bladderwrack c/s

Dulse leaf c/s

Kelp Granules

Kelp Powder


Three Seaweed Blend

Resins & Gums

Copal  Oro Gold

Frankincense Tears

Myrrh Gum

Dragons Blood Resin

Xanthun Gum Powder

 Salts & Clays & Charcoals

Arrowroot Powder

Activated Charcoal

Real Salt

Sea Salt Large Granules

Sea Salt course

Table Salt Iodized,

Applewood Smoked Salt

Celtic salt

Himalayan salt

Sprouting Seeds

Adzuki Bean


Alfalfa Seed

Chia Seed

Fenugreek Seed

Mung Bean

Radish Seed

Red Clover Seed

Raw Sunflower Seed

Whole green Peas

Whole grains (Kamut, Spelt, Wheat, Oats and many others)