Hand Made Combs

We are pleased to offer you a nice selection of handmade combs. Each of these handmade tortoise combs is sawed from a single sheet of high quality Italian produces cellulose acetate, with teeth gently rounded. There are no burrs to catch and break hair, causing split ends. Ordinary combs are molded from inferior plastic and have burrs and jagged seams between the teeth that break and damage hair making it dull and lifeless. Flat rate shipping 6.50 applies to total order

hand made 6" apx small pocket comb (C1) - 7.30


hand made 5" apx small pocket comb (C75) -9.50

hand made 7" apx comb (C7S) - 10.90

handmade 8" apx pocket detangle comb (C2L-C74) - 9.50

hand made 5" apx pocket detangle comb (C12) - 7.90

hand made 7.25" apx combination tooth comb ( C4) - 9.90

hand made comb large teeth with handle (C9) - 10.50