11/1/19 Adding Soon Tao of Tea products and frozen Pappardelles Pasta Products

5/30/19 funtionally moved stands 109 & 110 across isle, we now occupy stand 85, 86, 87 & 88. Creating a Totally better layout and operations.

5/5/17 sorry we will be closed today because of the flooding, we are planning on being there saturday 5/6 check back here to make sure that is still happening.

2/15/17 we will be closed next weekend Feb 24 and 25 because of mardi gras

2/15/17 opened etsy shop  


many of our various works is displayed here

1/13 & 14 2017  Because of the severe icestorm prediction we will not be open this week end. Sorry for any inconvienece this may cause.

5/1/16 with the addition of a half stand to the natural and organic food and body care area we are very pleased and honored to be able to carry the wonderful artisan pasta from Pappardelle's, the finest pasta made. to order the pasta without coming to the market this is the link you can order from their refferal program. https://www.pappardellespasta.com/?ref=MjgwMjE=    We plan to carry the entire line, and are adding these as quickly as we can.

We will also now have available the much requested provel cheese.

4/1/16 we now have a whole range of 5 to 1 herbal extracts and traditional chinese formulas in extract form from Active Herb amazing quality and value.

2/8/15  26 new herbs red root, poke root, thuja twigs,cramp bark,gymnema pwd, atragalus root , grindelia herb w/c c/s,periwinkle herb c/s, goldenrod herb c/s,prickly ash bark w/c c/s,wormwood herb c/s w/c, yohimbe bark c/s, cubeb berry whole, white tea,immortar tea, kukucha twig tea, elder flower whole,pau d'arco c/s, pleurisy root c/s, blessed thistle c/s, bayberry root bark c/s w/c,szechuan pepper whole,parsley root c/s. green tea pwd. mugwort c/s, neem leaf pwd

10/7/14 Well taking over the meat stand has been interesting and exciting. Things are finally leveling out a bit for the adjustemt that it has been.

Sorry for no updates on the website i have been moving things over to a new computer and finally have the website where i can work on it

April 1 2014  Thanks so much to Sheri for helping us to be able to take over operation of her meat , poultry & eggs stand #110 at soulard market, we are excited to be of service to all there beginning Friday April 4 

Feb 1 2014 new cheese double gloster with chive & onion,  sheep milk ricotta salatas

1/20/14 new cheese double gloster with chives & onion

12/5/13  29 new herbs & spices: assam tea (kondoli), fo ti pwd, eyebright herb powder, hops, black walnut hull powder, California poppy, Lomatium, wood betony herb, blessed thistle, borage , coltsfoot leaf, eleuthero root, kava kava root, lobelia herb, queen of the meadow (joe pye weed, savory, senna laf,  wild lettuce, safflower, catnip leaf & flower, mulling spices, valerian root, vitex (chaste ) berry, blue vervain, chrysanthemum flowers, crimson berry tea, cranberry orange tea, polari tea, wasabi powder

11/24/13    12 new cheeses sardos, queso panella basket, kesseri, iberico, emmi swittzerland swiss, kaskaval, fresh mozzarella loaf, yorkshire wensleydale lemon, feta crumble, creamy gorg, yellow american loaf, white american loaf

10/31/13ceylon cinnamon, 2 gluten free mama cook books,maninis gluten free trovato pasta mix, sierra nevada cheese co Jack goat, jalapeno, jack goat cheese smoked, jack goat cheese, garlic & herb, jack goat cheese traditional, redwood hill farm raw milk goat feta,, redwood hill farm artisan goat cheese cheddar, unbleached white four organic, red quinoa, bob's red mill white rice flour stone ground, gluten free mama coconut blend gluten free flour blend, and their almond blend gluten free flour blend

10/21/13 new cheeses & bulk food items  double cream brie, rosemary goat, don wine, goat garlic & herb,  raw milk sharp cheddar, jalapeno jack goat milk,  virgils real cola, thorvin kelp animal, goat milk jalepeno jack, cajun seasoning. celery flakes, hickory smoke salt, new hope crepe mix, gluten free chia pancake & waffle, honey roasted peanutn natural swiss muesli, autum assort twist, brown rice penne pasta, maninis gluten free bread mixes (multi grain, country oat, peasant bread), goat smoked cheddar, walnut combo halves & pieces,

8/1/13 New recipe series Bountiful Harvest feature American farm oils of soybean, corn, sunflower, wheatgerm, some coconut 4 oz barsare  4.95  10 new bars in this recipe Spa, Cabernet sauvignon, English lavender, Wild current sandalwood, Fruit basket, Oatmeal stout, Pumpkin spice, Winter garden, Butterfly meadow. Wheat berry & cream

7/25/13 9 new soap bars Shea n Me Banyun fruit & vetive, Shea n me woodland breeze, Shea n me spiced mahogany, Lotta avacada & hemp winterberyy, Homestead plain-o, Homestead Homestead paradise, Homestead sage leaf, Homestead magnolia, Homestead ginger type, Homestead alyssum

7/24/13 6 new cheeses manchego 12 month, el haldago, port salute, ricotta salta, queso fresco, triple cream brie formage,

7/18/13 11 new soap bars in a new recipe Homestead series made with traditional fats of tallow and lard with some coconut for additional lather and hardness 4 oz bars and will start at 4.95   lavender martin, bayou, hayride, indian sandalwood, sage citrus, cedar spice, breezes & sunshine, clothesline fresh, cucumber melon type, indigenous, pumpkin pie

7/16/13  6 new cheese & bulk food items, raw milk smoked cheddar spread, nancy  organic non fat strawberry yogurt, nancys organic non fat blueberry yogurt, bulk/cheaper nancy's organic cottage cheese,  multi seed chips, very berry health mix,

7/2/13  - 4 new soap bars LAH Pepper Birch **, LAH Lavender & Green tea **, Goat's n Fig Lychee, Shea n Me Juniper &Sage * they will be ready around 8-9

7/1/13  - 10 new bulk food items, chipotle Pepper pwd, Chicken rub, Seafood seasoning,, natural thousand island dressing mix, cole slaw dressing mix, natural peach mango smoothie mix, natural mojito smoothie mix, vanilla milkshake smoothie mix, chocolate milkshake smoothie mix, weaver beef sticks mild,

6/25/13 - new herbs skullcap c/s, Rhodiola root pwd

, /20/13 - 4 new shampoo bars Mysore Sandalwood ***, Marvel Grove **, Midnight Surf *, In the Clothes line * and a finally a start in catching up with shampoo production (brought on from the jojoba crop issues) these will be ready around 7/20/13

5/20/13 - 18 new cheeses Chaumes, extra sharp cheddar, st andres, maytag blue wedge, enchilado, sweet munchee, habanaro jack, horseradish cheddar spread, sundried cheddar spread, mozzerella loaf, another brand of goat gouda,  mascapone, parmesan/romano blend grated, whole milk ricotta, white american sliced, parmesan reggiano, asiago wedge, romano wedge,

 5 new deli items hot mamas mild salsa, hot mama's roasted garlic hummus, hot mam's traditional hummus, hot mama's red pepper hummus, hot mama's traditional pesto, many sodas and cold drinks including waters & juices

5/7/13 - 2 new bulk food items - nut-tritious health mix, mint jelly

5/4/13 - 14  new stock items cheese romano grated, parmesan grated, havarti, preimium swiss, colby jack cubes, natural bacon & smoke sharp cheddar, supremo queso chihuahua mexican melting cheese, gorgonzolla, non orgainc cream cheese, neuchetel, cheddar jack shredded, mild cheddar, baklava, organic celery

4/28/13 - 29 new stock cheese Havarti dill, cheddars, simply goat gouda, fresh mozzarella, smoked gouda, parmesan shredded. asiago shredded, 4 cheese blend shredded, mozzarella, provolone, smoked provolone, ricotta, feta,  feta, munster, cojack, fontina, pizza cheese (provel type), pizza cheese shredded, edam, brie, pepper jack, zesty fresh mozzarella braid, chevere, tomato pesto, tomato basil w/garlic, abergele, cheveline, baby swiss,

Organic Diary : 12 new items cottage cheese, european style yogurt plain & vanilla, greek yogurt plain, cream cheese, sour cream, butter

Swiss Meat Beef Snack Stix, BBQ Snack Stix, summer sausage, thuringer, german braunschweiger, german bratwurst, sundried tomato bratwurst, chicken apple cinnamon sausage, maple flavor sausage, bacon cheddar potato bratwurst, beer bratwurst, five pepper bratwurst, official mizzou bratwurst, olde fashioned franks, honey mustard bratwurst, best in show bratwurst, smoked sweet pepper onion bratwurst

4/5/13 expanding operations/opening stand #109 (adjacent to our stand #88 at Soulard market, offering Wide range of cheese & organic dairy & meat products including Swiss Meat products  we opened april 6th YEAH.

3/29/13 - 7 new bulk food items black cohosh, buttermilk powder, einkorn grain, Himalayan salt fine, celtic salt fine, tapioca flour, black walnuts pieces,

1/31/13 - 20 new bulk food items star anise whole, boneset herb c/s, celery seed powder, ginkgo leaf c/s, hawthorn berry whole, hawthorn leaf & flower c/s w/c, lemon peel c/s, milk thistle seed whole, mistletoe leaf c/s, orange peel small cut, sarsaparilla root c/s, st johns wort c/s, uva ursi leaf whole, yerba santa leaf whole w/c, herbs de provence c/s, jasmine tea, moroccan mint tea, hibiscus mint tea, gunpowder green tea, cream of tartar powder

1/22/13 - 14 new bulk food items Montana wheat unbleached flour, maninis gluten free multi purpose flour, Montana mills rolled 9 grain flake cereal, Himalayan course salt, Celtic course salt, Montana milling organic cornmeal, triticale flour organic, bobs red mill ten grain flour, bobs red mill potato flour, bobs red mill masa golden corn flour, greens seasoning, citric acid, chili pwd hot. apple pie spice,

1/12/13 we now represent as independent consultants the Shelf Reliance & Thrive Foods products for more info see page  Thrive Life & Shelf Reliance for more detail and special discount or see product line here on our Shelf Reliance website www.saveNthrive.thrivelife.com/saveNthrive   but don't forgot to get the extra bonus discount described here Thrive Life & Shelf reliance

12/20/12  the price of raw materials continues to rise and we have been holding off price increases as long as possible, but the jojoba oil has now made it completely impossible to maintain the base price of 5.50 for the shampoo bars and we find we must raise the base price of shampoo bars to 6.50 effective immediately.

11/26/12  12 new food items organic hemp seed meats, organic brown rice pasta :elbows, fusilli, spaghetti, spirals, organic polenta, natural ginger ale, organic brown rice flour, smoked paprika, natural guacamole dip /dressing, natural black bean dip,, organic harmony soup mix, dark chocolate turbinado almond sea salt

10/31/12 4 new food items potato starch, buckwheat whole organic, buckwheat broken groat grits organic, buckwheat flour organic

10/15/12 - 2 new bars goats n lavender Clementine *, goats n coconut lemongrass 8,

10/9/12       5 new food items salted corn chips w/flax, demerara unrefined sugar, double acting baking powder aluminum free, yellow eye beans, new England clam chowder soup mix

9/24/12   52  new food items Virgil's root beer cold, nacho popcorn seasoning, sprouted pumpkin seeds, matrix meal super food, que pasa blue tortilla chips, pink beans organic, cannellini beans organic, black-eyed peas organic, soy beans organic, baby lima beans, Lundeberg Sweet brown rice eco-farmed, lundberg jasmine brown rice organic, white chia seeds, ginkgo biloba extract pwd, spaghetti seasoning, cheddar cheese soup mix, spinach dip mix, garlic pepper, dill dip, alfredo sauce mix, fructose non gmo, organic coconut sugar, maca root powder organic, bob's red mill mighty tasty hot cereal, golden temple maple pecan dream granola, heritage flakes organic, buckwheat groat grits organic, puffed millet organic, amaranth organic, Pu-erh tea, knudsen pineapple coconut juice 8 oz, natural brew outrageous ginger ale cold, reeds ginger brew-premium cold, virgil's cream soda cold, dark chocolate covered almond organic, dark chocolate covered cacao nibs organic, raw cacao nibs organic, cocoa powder organic non akalie, kamut grain organic, milo grain sorghum organic, coconut milk powder, barley malt extract, hulled barley organic, stabilized all natural rice bran, well wisdom whey vital protein powder natural, lavilin deodorant, teff grain ivory, maca smoothie blend green supreme, manitoba harvest hemp pro 50 protein powder, deodorant stones of America crystal stick, whole green peas

9/8/12   5 new bulk food items cheddar cheez powder, dehydrated diced potato, natural orange juice drink mix, natural strawberry banana smoothie mix, R&F wide egg noodle

9/4/12    6 new bars - 2 new shaving bars Cold Water , Sandalwood Vanilla - 2 new Goat milk bars Zanzibar spice, Sage & Lemongrass - 2 new Shea n Me bars, Free & Clear III bar  Neem & Lavender, Arcadian Homecoming

8/12/12    10  new bulk food items pear butter w/sugar, wild mountain raspberry smoothie mix, pina colada  smoothie mix, orange marmalade, red raspberry no sugar jam, garlic & herb seasoning, steak rub, honey mustard powder, strawberry dip mix, certified organic extra virgin coconut oil.

6/16/12 new shaving bar Beau Brummel

5/30/2012 -27 new bulk food items, seasoned brown rice, red lentils, white hominy, cold singles kutztown grape soda, kutztown root beer soda, sanded horehound candy, lemon verbena leaf, devils claw root c/s, womens brew tea, stainless steel strainer, chicory root roasted granules, wild cherry bark c/s, schizandra berry whole, olive leaf whole, gotu kola c/s, ashwaganda pwd, galangal root pwd, epazote herb c/s, nutmeg pwd, peppercorn white whole, anise seed whole, anise seed pwd, celery salt, cajun spice blend, chickweed c/s, licorice root c/s, bilberry fruit whole

5/7/12 - 10 new bulk food items applewood smoked salt, baking soda, amish macaroni salad mix, bacon onion dip mix, sun dried tomato & basil dip mix, hormel vegetable broth cubes, cold singles knudsen spritzer grape, cold singles knudsen spitzer strawberry, cold singles adirondack root beer, Cold Chocolate Mix,

3/14/12 - 8 new bulk food items saffron jasmine rice, golden harvest soup blend, country corn chowder mix, maple/brown sugar oatmeal, wild blueberry oatmeal, red & green bell peppers diced/dried, adobo seasoning, arrowroot pwd

2/13/12  - 8 new bulk food items , sloppy joe mix, taco seasoning, beer bread mix, black strap molasses, honey in the rough, dried strawberries, Cajun rice & red bean mix, wide noodle,

2/1/12 - 37 New Bulk Food items, Chaparral Leaf, Yellow dock root, yellow dock Pwd, Usnea, Horsetail, White Oak Bark Pwd, Linden Leaf & Flowers, Cloves Whole, Cloves Pwd, Allspice whole, Allspice Pwd, Mustard Brown Whole, Mustard Yellow Whole, Mustard Yellow Pwd, Black Pepper fine, Plantain Leaf C/S, Poppy Seed Whole, Eucalyptus Leaf C/S, Dill Seed Whole, Dandelion Root C/S, Caraway Seed Whole, Cinnamon Vietnam Pwd, Cinnamon Stick 2 - 3/4, Bay Leaf Whole, Jamaican Jerk, Hibiscus Flower c/s, Oregon grape Root c/s, Dandelion leaf c/s, coptis rhizome sliced, Echinacea Ang Root pwd, Pipsissewa Herb c/s, Charcoal activated pwd, yerba mansa root whole, white pepper fine, celery seed whole, cumin seed whole, jalapeño extra hot pwd,

1/18/12 new bulk food items Prairie Gold Kernels new discount plan replaces the previous one

New plan get any 3 bars = 1$ off / any 6 bars = 3$ off / get any 9 bars = 5$ off / get any 12 bars = 8$ off

11/15/11  4 new bulk food items pepper red crushed, strawberry & cream oatmeal, cinnamon apple oatmeal, darrell lea black Australian licorice,

9/21/11  5 new bulk food sanded ginger candy, French onion dip, French onion soup mix, homel low sodium beef broth, Hormel reduced sodium chicken broth,

9/14/11  new shampoo bar Lavender Martini

8/28/11 3 new food items stir fry seasoning mix, vegetable dip mix, perfect pepper dip mix, 1 new soap bar shea n me evergreen forest

8/18/11   4 new food items cinnamon pecan sticky bun oatmeal, sanded anise candy, whole spelt berries, whole dried cranberries

6/5/11   4 new bulk food items pine nuts,  Wiley wallaby Australian style black licorice, panko bread crumbs, whole oat groats

4/1/11   66 new items corn lasagna corte / lasagna / organic whole wheat lasagna / French roast coffee / iodine table salt / cucumber dill dip mix / soy flour / cheaper price on long grain rice and long grain brown rice / Louisiana Cajun snack mix / cheaper price for brown basmati rice / dulse leaf c/s / kelp granules / kelp powder / marshmallow root c/s / passion flower herb c/s / yarrow flower c/s / mullein leaf c/s / chervil c/s / parsley flakes / thyme leaf c/s / tarragon c/s / oregano Greek c/s / peppercorns black whole / black peppercorn ground / cinnamon powder /elderberry whole / chili blend / kudzu root / raspberry fruit tea / raspberry leaf c/s / alfalfa leaf / alfalfa seed / saffron / sage rubbed / poultry seasoning / lemon pepper blend / ginger root pwd / ginger root c/s / onion granules / cumin seed pwd / orange spice cinnamon tea / eight herb tea / get smart tea / love you life tea / yogi tea / sea salt large / feverfew herb c/s / garlic granules / gentian root c/s / juniper berry / comfrey leaf c/s / comfrey root c/s / oolong tea /paprika / pickling spice / red clover seed whole / radish seed whole / curry powder / gram masla pwd /chamomint tea / mama to be tea / fines herb blend / marjoram / 3 sea weed blend / hyssop herb

1/27/11 15 new items - medium coconut unsweetened, spelt flour, cheaper price for basmati brown rice  & white rice, Arborio rice (for Risotto),  regular elbow macaroni, sugar free gummy bears, southwest dip, white sorghum flour, spaghetti,  cheddar broccoli soup mix,  pie & pastry flour white, rye berries, 1/2 wide noodles

1/9/11 Karma & Mayan gold are now made in the Lotta Avacada & Hemp recipe

1/7/11 108 new items - vanilla bean whole, dragons blood resin, myrrh resin, frankincense resin, green tea, sesame seed hulled, onion chopped, garlic minced, Italian seasoning, Black Tea China, Ceylon tea broken orange pekoe, English breakfast tea blend, Irish breakfast blend, winter blend tea, barley grass extract powder, wheat grass powder, spirulina powder, copal oro gold resin, marigold (calendula) flower whole, Osha root whole, tea strainer, young hyson green tea, gumbo file, rosemary, sesame seed black, green tea china, Chai tea, cold & flu brew, Avena dream tea, seasoning salt, yerba mate herb, relax & digest tea, wild yam root c/s, turmeric root powder, Rooibos Chai Masala, Herbal Chocolate Chai, Rooibos Bourbon, Alfalfa Mint, Feeling Good Flower Tea60 different heritage garden seeds from Bakers Creek seed company, 10 new Rada Knives choices

12/13/10 new formula for super duper shampoo bar herbs & such, it has herbal infusions, in both it and regular shampoo bar herbs & such have more herbal content in them.

12/1/10 16 new bulk food items basil leaf, holy basil leaf, fennel seed, sassafras root bark, lavender flowers, lemon grass, chamomile flower, rooibos, red clover flower & leaf, lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, psyllium seed, psyllium husk pwd, nettle leaf, cilantro,

11/15/10 We are very excited to be able to be adding 1/2 stand area at the market. we will be filling it up as fast as possible : )

11/7/10 24 New bulk food items - golden flax seeds, brown flax meal, pumpkin seeds R/S Pepitas, beef barley soup, crunchy nut delight, goji/blueberry/golden flax oatmeal, xanthan gum, organic green tea, dark rye flour, granulated tapioca, hi active instant yeast, bronze chief kernels, panda crunch snack mix, corn elbow pasta, navy beans, red kidney beans, great northern beans, small red beans, green split peas, blueberry jam, sweet black Thai rice (purple), sanded licorice candy, golden flax seed, brown flax seed meal.

10/14/10 Lotta Avacada Arabian Spice, change, now  made in the Avacada & Hemp Recipe

9/30/10 10 new bulk food items  Shell Corn Pasta (conchiliette), organic whole wheat spaghetti, sesame stixs wide, ladyfinger popcorn, creamy mushroom soup mix, unsweetened banana chips, apple butter w/sugar & spice, angel hair pasta, mint sticks, chicken bouillon cubes,

9/17/10 new operation hours at Soulard Market Fridays 9 am to 4 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 4 pm

9/14/10 new shampoo bar woodland pear and the return of woodland pear in the SQ recipe although reformulated, close to the original, new shampoo bar lemongrass verbena, grin goats, and jasmine sambac (replaces jasmine dreams), new super duper shampoo lemon verbena, and desert honey (replacing kiss of honey), new shaving bars, vetiver, kir, new changes in the shea n me recipe bar scent choices, a stronger creamier coconut, now called creamy coconut, changed only u vanilla, prairie sage (replaces sage leaf), new ewe n me bars jasmine sambac, wild currant & sandalwood, change in the Egyptian musk super duper bar, also now cost less.

9/3/10 12 new bulk food items nacho cheese dip mix, brown gravy mix, goji health mix, ranch dressing mix, dieters delight, Italian dressing mix, medium salsa seasoning mix, mild salsa seasoning mix, teff grain, teff flour new bulk repack and very much lower price, cleargel (cook type), bacon ranch dressing & dip mix.

8/12/10 new bulk food items penne rigate, deluxe peppercorn mix whole,

7/12/10  3 new shampoo bars Vetiver, Wild Currant & Sandalwood, Mayan Gold

6/23/10   10 new bulk food items pack & lower price for  gluten free all purpose flour, whole millet, spicy quinoa pilaf, brown & wild rice pilaf, exotic rice pilaf, maple blend breakfast sausage spice mix, org rice vege twist, durum couscous, corn pasta fusilli, brazil nits raw

4/30/10     25 new bulk food items: ww tomato basil linguine, orzo, white & wild rice pilaf, fenugreek seeds, walnut nuggets baker combo, Thai jasmine rice, whole wheat pancake mix, pinto beans, elbow spaghetti, black turtle beans, quinoa,  rainbow popcorn, semolina small veggie shells, whole wheat couscous with cranberry mix, couscous whole wheat, carob powder, 9-grain mix cracked, organic Himalayan grain blend, chia seed, new pack & cheaper price for rice flour and wheat bran, long grain brown rice, long grain white rice, seven bean mix, organic whole wheat stuffing shells.

4/2/10   4 new bulk food items basmati rice, brown basmati rice, lentils, course yellow corn meal

3/21/10   27 new bulk food items : Jumbo stuffing shells, penne corn pasta, real salt, wild rice,  blueberry muffin, no salt substitute like Mrs. dash, salad topper, tropical fruit salad mix, Mexican taco snack mix, no sugar added carob malt ball. 17 Reshi Teas all the ones listed on the website under imported teas.

1/18/10   21 new bulk food items organic whole wheat spinach spaghetti, bronze chief whole wheat flour, organic whole wheat elbows, oat bran, corn spaghetti, creamy broccoli soup mix, spinach noodles, 12 flavor gummi bears, cheddar cheese sauce mix, crystallized ginger slices, 10 grain cereal, flax seed , flax seed meal, sesame stix honey roasted, chicken broth mix, clover honey, old fashioned fry meal, raw pumpkin seeds, tapioca flour, large shells, whole wheat penne rigate

11/20/09 - we got the ok to move to #88 at Soulard Market, This is our regular spot starting Jan 1st (maybe a bit sooner if we get the display built sooner). We are very excited about this for many reasons. One is we will have a better display area with easier accessibility for you, and will be able to have more items than the previous spot would allow. We will also have a small area to have access to the body care at the market, prior till now there was no way to accommodate that at all. We will also be easier to find for most people.

10/17/09 - 9 new bulk food items Organic Whole Wheat Flats, Honey Roasted Sunflower meats, Brown Rice Farina cereal, Tropical fruit trio, Polenta corn meal, new pack & lower price of Yellow stone ground whole germ cornmeal, Whole wheat pastry flour, mung beans, teff flour

10/2/09 new bars  Ewe n Me Ancient Vision, Ewe n Me Angelica, Lotta Avacada Hemp Kudzu